What We Do

We ask questions. We listen intently. We consider what it is and where it came from and how and where it will be displayed. Then creativity, curiosity and years of experience guide our suggestions. Or you can poke around the shop and find what makes you smile. It’s a process that can happen quickly (Eureka!) or may take time. There’s never any pressure in our comfortable, eclectic and ever-changing gallery. Grab a seat and – let’s talk!

What We Show

With all respect to the profession, frame shops are a dime a dozen. Most feature a wall of Packers posters and a couple dozen frame and mat options. Even though we proudly display our Packers one-share ownership certificate, that’s not our focus. We specialize in and feature local artists and regionally-sourced materials. We offer fun, funky and downright odd options you won’t find outside major art centers. We love it when our customers say, “Wow! Where did you find that?”

What We Believe

Preservation and presentation are the goals. With style. At a price that won’t leave you dining on Ramen for a month.
“Buy local” isn’t just a catch phrase. We’re not looking to franchise. We know our neighbors. This is our home. Like you, we do what we can to support businesses, schools and charitable organizations. Most of our work comes from repeat customers. We’d love to show you why.

Douglas Art and Frame